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Lean App Toolkit

Lean Apps Create Winning Startups


Co-create with a crowd

Startup Daybook

Plan Your Startup Activities, All in One Place!


a wearable for capturing spontaneous ideas on the go

Review Command

Track all your app reviews


Find your Co-founder & Build it Together

Appreneurship Academy

Where non-technical aspiring entrepreneurs learn to build a profitable mobile app business

BadgeBox Srls

Business data analysis & employee time tracking


TimeFlip gadget Makes Time Management Easy and Affordable Like Never Before

Foundr Magazine

The go-to digital resource for entrepreneurs to grow business.

Transparent Startups

Discover and get inspired by companies that are embracing transparency

Seed Sumo

90 day Startup bootcamp


An Automated Financial Projection Software Built for Innovators


Outsourcing for Startups.


High-speed page publishing and distribution software as service, without the need for coding or HTML

IncuBus London

IncuBus London develop early stage incubators helping startups get ready for the world's best accele


The mobile aggregator of crowdfunding platforms

Tool Watcher

The software marketplace for entrepreneurs to learn about new tools to grow their business


No Cash. No Salaries. Just Equity.


HoHo is a community for technology startups to list their assets - for sale, rent or exchange.

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