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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Zubtitle is a video captioning tool that automatically generates a timed transcript for your video and burns captions into a new video file. It’s not 100% accurate so we included an editing interface that lets you easily review and edit the captions. You can even add new or adjust the timing of caption breaks. We built Zubtitle for creators like us that need to create great video content but don’t have the expertise or time to use professional video editing tools. Every account gets a trial video so just upload a video to get started. Benefits of Zubtitle: ⏱️ Automatically caption videos in minutes 📝 Fast DIY editing 🔤 Over X fonts to choose from 🎨 Customize and save your styling & positioning ▶️ Resize video in popular aspect ratios ⏹️ Add top border titles 📥 .SRT & video file download


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