Portable home-gym replacement that is three times more effective than weight lifting

Monday, May 28, 2018

The standard method for strength training is lifting heavy objects, which is quite literally stone age technology, and is not well suited to the capacities of human biomechanics. A person’s ability to produce muscular force varies dramatically as one moves through any given range of motion, so a modern fitness solution should match that variance by varying the resistance applied. In fact, research has shown that when people exercise with a variable resistance system they improve in strength three times as quickly as those just using weights. We wanted to create a product that would allow people to leverage these research findings to get better, safer, and faster exercise. First off, X3 is a variable resistance system, which makes it clearly distinct from regular weights. When you exercise with regular weights the amount of weight you are lifting is constant. With X3, your muscles encounter less load in weak ranges of motion, but then that load increases in stronger ranges of motion, providing a much greater exercise benefit with less risk. The second distinction that must be made is between X3 and other elastic band based exercise products. There are elastic bands and other variable resistance related products that already exist, but these are not capable of generating much force and thus don’t provide the user with much (or any) improvement in fitness. With X3, because of the design of the product, a user can lift hundreds of pounds in their strongest range of motion. This might be far more weight than they would use with free weights at a gym, and this provides for a rapid exercise benefit unlike anything currently on the market.

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