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Saturday, August 16, 2014

HELPING MANAGERS BECOME GREAT MANAGERS Online performance reviews and performance management software. An easy and effective solution to manage and develop your team. Offering: Management excellence The tools and framework to help managers become great managers. Focused staff Ensure staff get the right things get done well and on time. Fair / structured feedback Fair and structured feedback to staff to ensure they are more engaged. Organisation compliance Ensures corporate compliance with PMDS, Credit Unions act, Dodd Frank and CHKS. ---------------------------------------------- Full featured performance management and performance review software. Includes: - Clearly communicate the organisations goals across the company - Embedded Training for managers and staff - Continually monitor progress and notify the right people when needed - Measure the behaviors helping and hindering staff engagement - Meaningful business intelligence reports about staff & board performance - Give continuous, timely, structured feedback to employees - Fast setup with our extensive goal and Libraries - Web-based and secure - Nothing to install. Quickly tailored to your business - PMDS and Credit Union Act compliant - Removes paperwork, saving managers up to 192 hours or 5.3 weeks of work every year


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