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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Who said pop-ups can’t be fun? by adding gamification to your pop-ups you can increase subscribers and boost your sell’s. It’s a Win-Win situation the cosutmers get a great experience and you increase your meailng list and closeing more sell’s WooHoo is taking gamification to new levels, and transforming businesses by creating new ways to extend engagement, customize the visitor experience, and drive customer loyalty. Unlike pop-ups that get in the way of a visitor's experience, WooHoo boosts engagement and enhances the experience by presenting something that is both valuable and relevant to them. For live demo Check out: WooHoo Slot Machine Game https://woohoodemo.myshopify.com/ WooHoo Card Dance Game https://woohoodemocard.myshopify.com/ WooHoo’s interactive, entertaining pop-up games, combined with YOUR customized coupon, promotion, and incentive strategies put the wheels of success into motion. The rest is simple and easy! WooHoo’s enables management and customization of your games and campaigns easily, and advanced analytics provide real-time insight and adaptability into your campaigns. Success is inevitable – WooHoo WILL help you grow your email subscriptions, increase your conversion rates and will help you generate more revenue! Exit Intent Pop-ups WooHoo’s exit-intent technology detects behavior and presents them with a game pop-up BEFORE they abandon ship…or their shopping cart! Smart Triggers A wise man once said, “Timing is everything”. WooHoo couldn’t agree more! Configure and control your pop-up behavior based on date/time, behavior and time-driven activity, and exit intent. The payoff for getting this right is certain success! Custom Images At WooHoo, we believe an image speaks a thousand words! Add custom images to give your pop-up a more unique, compelling and personal touch. The extra appeal can make the difference between good and great! Statistics Experts will tell you that hard data drives out soft. This is precisely why WooHoo’s advanced analytics includes real-time statistics and split testing. Paying attention to key performance metrics like these is what will separate you from your competition!


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