We know where to park


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Witrafi is a company that knows where to park. We are a Finnish startup with a cloud platform handling various kinds of information to form a picture of the current parking situation, offering payments through an automated prepaid method as well as permit usage. We can provide analysis into the future situation and other analytics. For drivers, we offer a map to see where parking is available on-streets. They are also able to pay and use parking permits. Payments are streamlined to starting when the vehicle stations itself and ending when it moves again. For cities, they are able to check the parking situation, enforce more efficiently and make analysis into the future parking needs, such as where to build extra capacity. Dynamic pricing is also an option. We also provide an wireless IoT network to handle certain parking operations. The benefits are to be able to provide more accurate positioning than satellite systems in urban areas, not crowding mobile networks such as apps do and being able to deploy a city-wide smart city network to attach sensors and other nodes to. The network is made of access points and of course the nodes themselves. We have received seed funding in 2013 and have a team of 7 people. The management including the board has experts with tens of years of experience from business, entrepreneurship and traffic systems.


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