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Thursday, March 9, 2017

It is a challenging way to find a new and good job; the comfort zone is like an addictive drug. While everyone is looking for the right job, the companies are looking for the right person also. As you spend the days in your sweet comfort zone, the exact job that you are looking for is published and is likely to be taken by the wrong person. > Do you work in a position suitable for your character? > If you have a job opportunity tomorrow, are you ready for the interview? > What about your resume, when was the last time you updated it? As knowledge is power, learning is also a necessity; We aim to make it a daily routine, to make the job search process painless. Both Freshers and Experienced candidates will enjoy the features: - Job Search and Job Alert - Resume Review - Interview Preparation - Personality analysis (DISC Test) Job Alert, The Notifier - Let the job find you.. > It takes one minute to catch the chance of your life, set a job alert and let the Wing app find for you. > We do not care about ordinary jobs. Filter companies by categories like Best Places to Work, Fast Growing Statups etc. > Wing works like an agent, sniffs the job posts and informs you when it finds the job that you desire to get. Are you ready for a job interview? - Use Resume Review feature for free of charge - Stay updated with hundreds of high quality interview questions, trending technologies and hot topics.. - Test yourself with Interview Simulator. - Quiz yourself to uncover strengths Disc Personality Tests 1000 HR / Technical Interview Questions and Answers on Google prepared by IT and HR experts, especially for senior level candidates. Before job search, get the interview preparation. > Interview Questions of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft etc. > Appraisal feature with Random Interview Questions. > Software development interview questions > Aptitude questions (problem solving) > Answers on Google > Common Interview Tips and Keywords Use Disc Personality Test as a Self-discovery tool for the best career match. Know yourself and how HR specialists will look at you. Position yourself for the best fit job. -- Discover your hidden personality strengths. -- Find out what you are really looking for; the best fit company and position. -- Introduce science into your interview and career.

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