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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

“Wikilerts” is a combination of the words “Wiki” (community-driven content) and “Alerts” (relevant notifications). On Wikilerts, users set up “alert communities” in the format "Get alerted if ... XYZ happens" . Interested users can join the community and keep each other informed by reporting an alert as soon as XYZ happens. This is how it works: The case for Wikilerts: Today there is a massive lack of specific alert services. There are tons of feeds you can subscribe to (RSS feeds, newsletters, Twitter-feeds etc.) however they send you too much content. On Wikilerts, you can get alerted - and only alerted - about the specific happenings which you are interested in. For example, a user can set up the alert community "Get alerted if there is a new startup in the tracking and alerts space" - something we'd be interested in for example :) See a list of this type of alert communities at Everybody can report alerts, and selected community members get asked to check those before they get sent out to everybody. This ensures that no spam is sent. Also: everybody can set up alerts for the happenings he'd like to get alerted about (without committing to be the one who sends the alerts later) - where else is that possible today? We believe that this process will lead to many, many specific alert communities getting set up so that nobody has to worry about missing out on specific things anymore. Links to alert communities on will be all over the net in 3-5 years from now.


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