The Music Streaming Service To Discover Independents


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Whoozy is a new streaming service to help people discover independent artists and labels. We seek, you listen! Enjoy 250 songs. Anytime, anywhere! * No audio-ads. * New music everyday * Enjoy music videos, behind the scenes, interviews and moreā€¦ And most important.. Contribute to an artist payout system based on users not streams. Whoozy calculates the artist market share of an artist or label based on how many songs an artists or label has contributed. We do NOT calculate their based on streams. We are no popularity contest. Therefore we have guaranteed payout to support and help the independents of the music industry. Whoozy will launch this winter in The UK and The Netherlands, but you can already sign-up as an early bird at www.whoozy.net and you will automatically be updated by all the developments and the great artists who will be available.


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