Thursday, July 13, 2017

Whisk enables food experiences by connecting the world's recipes, products, and shopping choices.

Whisk enables food experiences by connecting the world's recipes, products, and shopping choices using Artificial Intelligence. Whisk’s flagship product is a Shopping list platform that’s used by the world’s leading recipe publishers, food eCommerce retailers and food brands/manufacturers. Recipe publishers integrate Whisk into their content to increase engagement and earn incremental revenues through Whisk’s digital shopper marketing solutions. Whisk currently integrates over 30m monthly recipe impressions across over 500k recipes on BBC Good Food, Allrecipes, FoodNetwork, Time Inc. and others. Whisk believes that people have a unique relationship with food — each with a distinct palette of individual tastes and food preferences. To map these relationships, we have created the Food Genome — a Artificial Intelligence-based platform that identifies ingredients within their context and understands their properties (e.g. nutrition, perishability, value) and availability in stores. Whisk uses the Food Genome to power the entire platform. Importantly, it is also leveraging this core technology to launch the following services more widely to the industry in 2017: • Food Insights: Whisk has worked with one of the world’s largest FMCG brands to provide them with consumer insights based on data collected across the Whisk network. This combines the food understanding in Whisk’s Food Genome with the trend/impression tracking collected through publisher integrations. • Recommendations service: Based on the Food Genome technology, Whisk has started providing services for personalisation/recommendation. So far, Whisk provides one of the world’s largest retailers with a recommendations API that powers their mobile app, has created algorithmic food wine-pairing tools, and is currently building smart food chatbots for one of the world’s largest FMCG brands.


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