integrated cloud PMS, CM, RM, BE for hotels and vacant rentals

Thursday, August 25, 2022

I am presenting WebBookingPro - a Cloud solution, all-in-one product for hotels and Vacant rentals having integrated Channel Manager, Google certified Booking Engine, Revenue Manager with automated prices optimization based on deep analytics, Metasearch Connection (Google, TripAdvisor), a web application for guests inhouse communication/sales (Virtual Concierge). The whole development has been started 10 years ago because I am the owner of successful hotel in Croatia - Hotel Villa Magdalena - www.villa-magdalena.net - and for our needs we developed booking engine and channel manager. In the meantime, we developer other tools like Virtual Concierge (because of COVID need) and Task Manager. Our latest product is Revenue Manager who is fully integrated with CM and BE. We also have PMS for vacant rentals and small properties that enable creating of invoices, managing guests. Our booking engine is developed using latest modern technologies - ReactJS - so it can be fully integrated into any website (e.g. Wordpress) and fully align with brand awareness - header, menu, footer. Just few booking engines in the world can do this kind of integration. Our application is hosted on AWS EC2 Cloud hosting with high security and availability standards. We have around 50 clients for last several years - mostly hotels from 10 to 60 rooms from Croatia. They are all by recommendation and partnership with one PMS Software for hotels in Croatia - Milenij - www.milenij.hr . We have 2-way API connection with them (available to any PMS). I am IT engineer with 27 years of experience in Development - I developed a utility called PowerArchiver - www.powerarchiver.com 24 years ago. I am not good in sales and I am looking for a partner/vendor that will boost my sales. I am interested in different kind of partnerships so if you are interested I am open for next step conversation….

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