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Know your differences in conversion for each browser and OS, and get alerts whenever your website dr


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Voodoo Alerts is a super easy to use web app that tracks your conversions to make sure nothing goes wrong in any browser or OS so you can sleep at night. On top of the system-generated alerts, you can create custom alerts to track anything going on with your site. Keep track of everything going on with your website without ever having to peek. You can set up automated alerts to track anything on your website, good or bad. Keep your eye on recent items pushed live or track segments that have trouble with older browsers. Anything is possible. Don't waste your valuable time looking for breaks. (Or, Stop wasting your time chasing down broken sectors) Voodoo Alerts does that for you, so you can spend your time more efficiently, working on the things that make your website better.


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