Vibrant TV


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Vibrant is a Multi-Platform TV Network bringing shows from around the globe to American homes

Vibrant TV is a Multi-Platform TV Network that brings big name shows, sports, and specials from around the globe directly to American homes. No longer do borders surround the selection of TV available to you. Vibrant TV brings you acclaimed shows from around the globe, offering a world of entertainment for all to enjoy — fresh, rarely-seen television series and specials from the popular Australian drama Redfern Now, the UK’s Very British Problems and the action-packed World of Free Sports, represent a sample of the drama, comedy, sports, reality, family and lifestyle programming available on Vibrant TV. With Vibrant TV, your viewership knows no borders. Imagine binging an international show your friends have never even heard of. Imagine following one of your favorite hockey players' international careers before he comes to the NHL. Imagine seeing more of the world than you've ever seen before. Today’s technological advances in media delivery have created a huge market disruption in how video is consumed, creating unprecedented opportunities for independent media companies. Consumers now have the power to watch what they want, when they want, and on the device of their choice. Content production is adapting at a global scale, which means viewers' interests are expanding faster and farther than ever. It's time for global distribution to catch up to global production. Vibrant TV gives you the global shows you want - right here at home.


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