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Thursday, February 2, 2017

UX Hack is a private crowdsourcing platform to get relevant solutions (we call it hacks) submitted by an invite only community who have the passion and skills to grow the product. We believe it's time to move on from 80 ft level advice on growing your product and connect with actual doers. Say like how stack overflow does it for technical issues you face in your product, UX Hack wants be the default platform where your product issues will be solved using crowdsourcing that can help improve the core metrics but in private mode (for obvious reasons) As a Requester, you can submit requests seeking improvement around different metrics say new sign ups, open rates, bounce rate etc. We have made few request templates available to help you get started. As a Hacker, you get to apply your skills on multiple products and thereby build up your professional profile through real endorsements and earn points that can later be used to pay your expenses.


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