Talented IT-specialists from Russia for remote traineeship


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Have you ever thought how hard it is to attract really qualified specialists to your startup? We are not talking about those specialists who seek $100 000 annual pay, paid leave and complete insurance. We mean those who have dreamt of achieving great results in the fields of mathematics, physics and computer technology since childhood. Because of the situation in Russia specialists are faced with the problem of choosing where to live and work nowadays. With the financial crisis looming over and being faced with fierce competition at the market, they are ready to show the best they can do, to try harder. What we did We decided to start a small online employment agency which allows candidates to apply for remote traineeships in companies seeking for employees, FREE OF CHARGE and in the matter of 60 seconds Why remote traineeship? Remote traineeship is a great way to assess the skills and expertise of an employee before you put together an invitation for a work visa. Don’t forget that there can be over a thousand miles between you and your potential employees. Without any doubts, remote traineeship has great potential. Often employees are attracted not only by the opportunity to cut down office expenses, but also by getting good employee reserves. How employers can benefit from this? You have the opportunity to hire talented employees for your company. Programmers from Russia prove their superiority all around the world over and over again. You don’t need an additional working place for a new employee, which will cut down office expenses. Remote trainees get paid much less than a regular employee. You can hire two people for the same price. We chose the best and can guarantee that all potential employees have excellent professional skills. Our mission We want truly talented specialists from Russia to live and earn as well as their colleagues from other countries. On our first day we got over 200 CVs, which only proves that specialists from our country are eager to try for the traineeship. And due to high currency rate this cooperation is mutually profitable. From Russia with love, Artem Gladkikh For the duration of beta-testing we are offering 7 days free access. To get it, please, send an e-mail to [email protected] stating the location of your company and who you are looking for (Back-end developer, designer and so on). Please, note that this offer is limited. Free beta-testing is available for the first 10 companies who would like to


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