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Saturday, December 10, 2016

TripDoggy is a platform with the aim to help the organization of travel and pet-friendly holiday through the aggregation and development of tourist products aimed at this specific target. It was founded in response to the evolution of the society in recent years, where pets have increasingly important role within families as well as in the life of single people. The target though is therefore very large segmented according to the various characteristics of the final customer. TripDoggy aggregates facilities and services aimed at people who are traveling with their pet and develops active travel experiences. Our product is a b2b as we promote directly on our Marketplace dog-friendly facilities and services. At the same time, we turn to the consumer concluding the direct purchase the final product. The strength of our project lies above all in the heterogeneity and experience of our team consisting of professionals in the travel industry and dog lover. This background allows developing products aimed to the final customer, and that can be a valuable resource for our partners interested in the specific target. Also we are a young and innovative company that is developing a community ever more numerous around the TripDoggy brand.

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