AI-powered email marketing for online retailers

Monday, May 14, 2018

Triggmine is the first intelligent email marketing system that delivers true personalization in real time. AI engine identifies individual customer portraits and brings them the most relevant email sequence. Just like a personal assistant that knows customers' specifics and gives them the most relevant personal offers at the right moment. Intelligent automation replaces all complexity other services have. Instead of complexity, you get AI Mode. It builds & runs campaigns, analyses them and improves its own performance and your business grows faster! But the greatest part - is that Triggmine understands the stage of relationships between business and each and every customer. And uses this knowledge to create and send relevant email sequence to lead the person to the next stage of the customer journey - from stranger to the most loyal customer. With Triggmine's help, even a beginner can send automated email sequences like pro guys do. Our solution connects to the online store, tracks each customer behavior and generates individual email sequences. Every store’s client receives highly personalized email sequence. Just imagine - thousands of individual campaigns, including content customization, conditions, incentives. No manual job, no tutorials, just 30 minutes for Triggmine's AI to analyze the data and start sending. Triggmine is the first truly intelligent solution on the market focused on the needs of online retailers. And we do know their needs, so the solution is super easy to use - it takes 30 minutes to automate everything and get back to business while our algorithms will do the rest.

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