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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Trends Today brings you the best combination of social media “TRENDS” on your device. It curates trending topics and content in your geographic location to provide you current social trends, posts, tweets and videos across top social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Vine and Instagram. Here you can watch current trending news content specific to geo locations like US, UK, Canada, Australia, India and Worldwide, without the hassle of logging in. It's a more flexible and casual way to watch current trending topics of discussion and latest news from across the globe. Trends Today, the next generation social news content aggregator enables you to glance through the current news content trends and happenings to get up-to-date on all current affairs in the fields of politics, fashion, entertainment, sports and art. Trends Today curates trending topics and social content across the most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Vine and Instagram. It provides instant news feeds and headlines to know what people are talking about on the social media at every hour. Share, like and comment on posts to express your opinion on the latest news and trends. For personalized news search, you can easily filter your news to specific desired locations. Best Features of Trends Today: - Latest social trends on 5 social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Vine - Offers trending tweets, posts, current topics, videos and photos of current social trends - Offers five location filters - US, UK, Canada, India and worldwide - Switch on/off interesting social networks you love - Switch social media trends countrywide - Glance, read and watch trendy tweets, posts, topics of discussion, news feeds and videos - Update your knowledge on politics, music, entertainment, sports, art, fashion and other topics - Share tweets, posts, videos, photos and news on your timeline - Respond to tweets, like or comment on posts by logging into individual social networks. - Search for social media trends and news headlines throughout the country or worldwide Trends Today is the new age app that brings to you the latest news headlines and trending topics of discussions from all the popular social networks and media publication sites. You read through the latest news headlines and know what people are talking about. You can further click on the link to read the full detailed story of your topic of interest, like, comment and share your perspective.


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