Ultimately simple IoT tool to track time and workload

Sunday, July 14, 2019

We build an ultimately simple and user friendly IoT tool to assist individuals and businesses in tracking time and workload. Unlike software time tracking tools, TimeFlip is a physical connected device. This provides for a totally different user experience, ease of use and instant adoption. Freelance and gig economy phenomena, as well as changes towards more flexible, non-hierarchical structures and modern workflow management approaches dictate the need for convenient tools to provide: analytics of time expenditures per project/client/process; productivity improvement; development of efficient patterns for optimal work distribution. Instead of just measuring hours spent in the office, both individuals and organizations are interested in achieving more while spending less time at work and having better work-life balance. A plethora of software tools is tackling the problem. Over 100 apps on the market, which has bigger names such as Toggl but is still is very fragmented. There is no universal, widely accepted solution and the market is still in expectations of something that would be easy to use and adapt to. Usability and UX are the key in time tracking – it needs to be as simple and effortless as possible to become mainstream. How does our solution work? It is very simple: user marks TimeFlip sides with activities he/she wants to track and assigns them once in the mobile app. Whenever one wants to start tracking an activity, he simply places TimeFlip with that side up and the device automatically starts clocking time for it. As the result, you get time stats visualized in the app or web browser window. All user data is stored securely in the cloud and is synchronized with the device regularly or on demand. TimeFlip has an on-board memory to store data of 1166 flips (30-40 days of activity) so it is designed to be used independently from connection with a phone. We are now launching next generation TimeFlip2 tracker, which is the first interactive tracker on the market. It features embedded LED, pomodoro and tap-on function, has extended lifetime and integrates easier with 3rd party software. This is the result of the feedback collected from the clients of the very first version of TimeFlip.

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