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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Textbooks To Bucks was created to solve the biggest problem all college students have. Overpriced Textbooks. Campus bookstores only carry the newest, most expensive editions of books, and when you try to sell them back the same book after the semester, they force you to discount the price at least 75%-"wear and tear", they call it. Major online retailers are no better. They sell a comparable, but slightly older edition of your book for only a few pennies less. After shipping and handling it's totally not worth it. When you don't need the book anymore, online retailers offer no way of selling back your book to them. Great, time to sell your $300 book back to the bookstore for $7.23, right? Wrong. *fancy intro time* Textbooks To Bucks is the premier peer-to-peer marketplace network for buying and selling used college textbooks online. It’s simple. Sell the books you have and don’t need, and only buy the ones you do. Students leverage their personal and social media network to promote their listing and enjoy their book, cash, or both all on one, easy-to-use platform. It's all on your terms.


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