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Simplifies Google Analytics For Small Businesses

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Can you imagine getting a clear answer from your analytics? At Teacup, we know that understanding begins by asking the right questions of your data so our analysts crafted answers designed to skip straight to the good stuff. With Teacup, you’ll make great decisions with confidence because you’ll be backed up by the analyst curated data. Teacup begins with a library of ready-made reports. In these reports, Teacup Analytics grades your audience for each channel, landing pages, device types, user types and more. With some clever handling, we account for your site’s level of volatility have built that into the grading algorithm. This means that your grading scale is unique to you. It also means your successes are tracked relative to your own performance, ensuring we know when an action you take really moves the needle! Because you’re looking at the whole picture, you can find under-performing traffic channels and then see exactly which areas need optimization. Ready to act? If you decide to grow or improve (optimize) a channel, Teacup reviews your past variability and sets a target for you to reach that statistically indicates a genuine long term impact, rather than a fluke.

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