Create Your Own Robo-Advisor In A No-Code Environment

Monday, August 23, 2021

Tasseo empowers retail investors to better understand how and when to invest. Users can easily design their own unique strategy - their own robo-advisor, in a no-code environment and test it historically. They can then run it live, and follow the trading instructions their personalized strategy provides. Basic tools exist that allow retail investors to analyze assets quickly and efficiently. These tools can plot stock charts, sift through financial reports, and even generate buy/sell signals on baskets of potential securities; but, these basic tools cannot create and run so-called backtests, which chart the performance of a hypothetical strategy, with real-world limitations on time and money. Professional investors rely on backtests to study trading strategies because backtests provide insight on how strategies would have performed in specific market scenarios, during different periods of volatility, and over different market cycles. But to implement a backtest requires both computer programming skills and market knowledge, a combination that few retail investors possess. Without the professional investor’s resources, specialized knowledge, and staff to implement backtests, retail investors lack one of the best tools available to understand a fundamental question in investing: Does my investment strategy make or lose money? Tasseo democratizes the backtest by providing our subscribers with a graphical, no-code website to design trading strategies and examine how these strategies would perform using real-world, historical data. With our user-friendly interface, Tasseo requires no expertise in computer science or financial markets to create or test investment strategies. Within minutes, users can implement and run backtests ranging from the simple to the sophisticated. Our users can create these backtests from scratch or from pre-existing templates. Users can then save and share these strategies with others in the Tasseo community. With Tasseo, retail investors will be able to design their own investment strategies tailored to their personal needs and goals, and feel confident in their strategies’ success.

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