TalkToChef - a video hotline with professional chefs


Sunday, March 29, 2015

What is TalkToChef? TalkToChef is an educational platform where people can get their everyday cooking questions answered in real time by a professional chef. It uses latest two-way video streaming technology that allows you to get an instant support without leaving your kitchen and interrupting your cooking process. TalkToChef in just a few clicks provides an instant access to the professional chefs ready to give advice to anyone who ponders over various cooking matters. If you are puzzled with the questions like - what to cook for dinner today, how to make your daily meal healthier, or simply what you’ve just done wrong about your new dish, and how to fix your screwed up meal - TalkToChef can answer them all! It is an exceptional tool for people who cook at home at least occasionally. The service is available online through our official website, as an App, and through the widgets on various food blogs. We are based in San Francisco, CA, but the service is available from any part of the world. We have over 1800 professional chefs already involved.


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