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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Swap an hour (SwapAnHour) is a community of swappers with different skills and goods to exchange. You offer your skills to help a swapper and in return get free help for that time. You lend your goods to a swapper and in return borrow some goods for free. SwapAnHour doesn't discriminate by market value of skills or goods, an hour of gardening work is worth an hour of IT Support. Lending a mower is worth lending a surfboard. SwapAnHour’s currency is time fostering the spirit of community. Do you have a green thumb? Give some time of your gardening time and in return you can ask for an hour of help in something you might not be good at. You have a surfboard to lend in return you can borrow another good. There is also an option in the App for swappers to organise themselves into local communities if they only want to swap amongst themselves. SwapAnHour is an easy and secure that unlocks access to a community of swappers with different skills and goods. You ‘invest’ hours when you help or lend another swapper and in return you can ‘cash-in’ an hour of free time of other swappers on the network. Three easy steps. You create your task, you accept an offer and you build up your time. Swap the skills you have for the skill you need. Lend the goods you have for the good you want to borrow.

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