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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

SuperDataScience is an online learning platform and community focused on providing the best possible data science courses and workshops for those interested in diving into the world of disruptive technologies or making a career switch. We will help you master both the theory and practice of data science, machine learning and AI with hands-on workshops, premium video tutorials, and real-world case studies.  But that's not all! On the SuperDataScience platform, you have the opportunity to become part of the likeminded community and meet new friends who share the same passion for data science as you do. And because SuperDataScience's primary goal is to make the complex simple and help you navigate easily through the overwhelming amount of information, we introduced a brand new innovative approach - learning paths.  Learning Paths are designed to help get on track easily, stay focused and reduce your learning time in half by giving you a carefully tailored step-by-step guide to follow. In this way, you can master the most in-demand skills in no time and get a shortcut to your new career.  In addition to the leading paths, on SuperDataScience platform you will find:🗸  2500 Videos Covering Data Science, Machine Learning, Tableau, AI and Python 🗸 50 Practical Workshops with real-life application🗸 300 Podcasts with industry leaders, motivational speakers, and entrepreneurs 🗸 Huge library of different publications on data science and AI topics You can unlock your access to the platform by either registering your free account or taking advantage of the premium subscription option which is offering 14 days free trial. Regardless of which option you will choose this is still a big step towards your new data science journey.  Learning data science has never been so easy and fun before! 

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