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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Being a software developer has never been so hot! With so much demand for coding skills, new education opportunities arise and might just have found the right solution to turn anyone into a well paid coding ninja! There are many paths that one can follow to become a software developer. At first it is easy to find different code schools, teaching methods and programming languages taught. It is easy to get lost with such huge and diversified offer. However the average 3% course completion rate of these paths is not something to be proud of and that's where is bringing a new and more engaging approach to coding education. So was born, making available a new and more engaging way to learn how to code and build amazing apps during the process. It is all about great content, student engagement and continuous improvement. Great content focuses on Ruby on Rails. Why? Because it just kicks ass in many areas: - It is the best framework to build working prototypes and see fast results; - There is a huge demand for rails developers; - It is a solid framework that will continue to fly high. However we go way beyond Ruby on Rails as we also teach HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Wireframing basics & tricks so that our students can feel at ease when building their own personal projects. Everything is taught step by step and in a self paced way so our students always feel comfortable with what they are learning and one thing is for sure: we teach no bull shit but all the really important concepts are there!! Student engagement is all about student engagement. Our stats are completely off the chart when compared with the industry average and that's in great part because we teach our students how to build really amazing web apps. From the surveys that we did we understood that most of our students would love to develop their own apps to start their own businesses and that there were some clear trends pointing to some specific types of apps like, 2 sided marketplaces, social networks, directory/review websites and others. So we make it easy and engaging to develop really robust apps even for beginners. How more exciting could that be for those that are starting to learn how to code? On top of this we teach how to customize these apps by adding amazing new features like PayPal or Stripe integration, Pusher, Google Maps, Admin panels and others. Building top notch custom web apps on is just as simple as combining puzzle blocks.


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