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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Have you ever forgotten a ‪‎password‬ or do you use the same one everywhere? Stashword is an easy and secure digital vault for your passwords and other important information. It's also the only password you'll need to memorize ever again. We allow customers to safely and easily manage their login credentials via our website and iOS app. With passwords securely stored in their Stashword vault, users can access them from any mobile device or computer. How it Works: Stashword makes passwords easy by using one master password, or Stashword, which is the key to the password vault. Privacy and security are paramount. The only information we require from a user to set up an account is an email address, which is used for sending an authorization code. After setting up their account, users create a secure, memorable passphrase known as a Stashword to serve as the key to their vault. Users can enter their passwords, credit cards, PIN numbers, secure notes, and other information into their vault for secure storage and quick access. There is no need to remember all of the passwords, only the master Stashword. Stashword is secure — all data is encrypted locally with military-grade AES-256 encryption (using the Stashword passphrase as a key) before being uploaded to our secure servers for syncing across devices. Passwords never leave the user's computer or device unencrypted, so nobody has access to customers' data, not even us. The product was developed with the general consumer in mind so everyone can easily manage their passwords. Stashword is optimized to work on multiple devices ranging from iPhone® to Windows® PC. The iOS app is free to use. Users can synchronize passwords across multiple devices and share credentials with those they trust for only $0.99 per year. Unique Features: Only Stashword allows convenient and secure authorization of accounts via Facebook®. Stashword's unique tagging feature allows users to categorize passwords using multiple tags for more precise searches. An automatic vault timer closes and encrypts the Stashword vault when it is not in use. The product also supports 3D Touch for quick access to shortcuts. Features of Stashword Include: • Securely create, store, and access all your passwords. • Nothing to remember except your master Stashword passphrase. • Optimized for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® Touch and Personal Computer. • Automatically logs you into your websites. • Supports 3D Touch for quick access to shortcuts. • Generate secure passwords with parameters you set. • Password strength meter shows the best passwords. • Easily authorize and log into your account via Facebook®. • Create tags for easy password categorization and recall. • Digital wallet provides secure access to bank accounts. • Store credit cards, bank accounts, PIN's and more. Stashword is Safe and Secure: • Unencrypted passwords never leave your device. • Uses two-factor authentication for secure logins. • Secured with military-grade AES-256 encryption. • Touch ID fingerprint sensor for secure access to vault. • Automatic vault timer encrypts using parameters you set. The Stashword iOS app is available on the iTunes® App Store. The web application and Google Chrome™ extension are available at Users who download the free iOS application also receive a free Stashword web account and digital vault.


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