Scrum Assistant Bot for Your Team in Slack


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SprinterBot is a Slack bot which is your team Scrum Assistant. Sprinterbot helps following the correct, useful and most effective Scrum practices. In our vision SprinterBot is a full time team member which does whatever is in its power to help your team succeed at building the product. Sprinterbot takes care of: goal setting, running daily standups, calculating story points and tracking team's mood. It runs meetings quickly interviewing each team member for an overall daily progress report and their mood. Also Sprinterbot keeps track of story points burn down. Everybody in a channel sees the aggregated report instantly once the meeting is over. Sprinterbot solves the problem for the team of following Scrum process correctly and consistently. It is a dedicated area of responsibility in the team and sometimes there it is done inconsistently or even worse there is no designated person for that. Sprinterbot is a bot and does its job unbiased and consistently. Applying agile approach with the help of Sprinterbot as a virtual assistant increases efficiency and productivity for your team.


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