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Listen to talking email on the move

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Have your phone read out your email to you while on the go! Speaking Email iPhone app reads out HTML emails, not just plain text. A quick glance at your screen gives you the visual context of the email. Images and email content is intelligently scaled down to fit your device screen. We've created this app with driving safety top-of-mind. Texting and driving is a big issue and we've placed a lot of emphasis on driving safety, making sure there are no complex interactions. Your emails can be continuously spoken, meaning you never need to look at or touch the phone. Whip through your inbox, clear clutter, flag important items and make inbox zero a reality - all while on the go. Key features - Talking out loud email in the language of your phone (ie English/Spanish etc) - Swipe to skip to the next email - no need to listen in full - Simple to use with armband or car mount - Compatible with Gmail using direct secure Gmail API connection - Double-tap to archive and left/right swipe to move email next/previous - Easy triage of emails into to action, archive or leave in inbox - Instant reply with just two taps Advanced options to manage your email your way: - Archive button - option to Mark as Read and/or move to a folder and/or actually archive - Star button - option to move to a folder and/or star - Option to Mark as Read when spoken - Speak Unread emails first - Option to speak unplayed emails first - Multiple accounts - Support for: Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, iCloud,IMAP And coming soon: Support for Exchange accounts Android version

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