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Friday, September 8, 2017

The way Social Content is analysed is outdated & misleading. Just using Engagement Rates, CPEs, Likes, Views etc. as a way of evaluating success can often produce counter-productive & false results. With more being spent on Social Content, we think it’s time you got clearer advice about how to improve your Content. This is why we’ve developed Social Acumen. A Social Media analytics tool that uses metrics with more meaning, which look at how & why your audiences engage with your Content. Through our bespoke scoring system, we produce a Social Acumen Score - a score out of 100 that clearly shows you which Content has performed best, across 5 key metrics. Once analysed, Social Acumen then uses these metrics to produce clear, actionable insights that will improve your Content. All of this done in real-time to provide you with a quicker, clearer understanding of how to improve your Social Media Content.

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