Using Wi-Fi like never before!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Aerial, a Montreal-based tech startup developed a unique Wi-Fi based, indoor activity recognition system. The solution being exhibited at the CES 2016 is looking to disrupt the activity recognition and home automation industries by being the first of its kind. It is device-free, does not require the installation of sensors and has the ability to create unique profiles in a given environment. Smartiphy is a high-tech, fast growing startup incubated at TandemLaunch. Smartiphy enables Wi-Fi technology to understand humans like never before. We are introducing the next generation of Indoor Activity Recognition by detecting ambient information without carrying any device and building intelligent activity profiles for each individual interacting with the current wireless signals in the environment, i.e. Wi-Fi. In other words, we developed a technology gadget that senses and distinguishes who you are, your location and actions using Wi-Fi signals already present in your house. We are delivering a platform of information which can make individual’s ambiance unique like their fingerprints based on location, gestures and activities. Smartiphy is a revolution in home automation systems that provides a cloud-based and user-oriented intelligent platform which can recognize and learn people’s activities. Smartiphy is therefore a gateway to more automated home protection, child & pet monitoring, fall detection and appliance automation systems. We are able to interconnect any smart device and control it through our network.

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