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Monday, August 24, 2020

Hi r/Entrepreneur friends, My name is Brandon Youra and I founded an online platform for small businesses called Small Biz Heroes. We offer free professional support to small businesses around the world. This includes services to help these businesses pivot online such as graphic design, social media marketing, accounting, and much more! We accomplish this by connecting business professionals (we call them heroes) with small businesses that require free help to survive and thrive. You can visit our platform at and see our over 250 heroes signed up who are ready to assist small businesses. We also have 230 small businesses registered who can either post a project they need help with and/or reach out to heroes directly for support. We launched our website just two months ago, but we started on Instagram at the beginning of the pandemic back in April. Since the start we’ve helped over 1000 small businesses get connected with the support they need.

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