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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Skyvia is a powerful cloud data integration service (ETL solution). The service enables users to integrate data in cloud CRMs and relational databases. Skyvia provides rich data integration functionality, wide data source support and intuitive interface. It is a completely online solution (SaaS), which does not require any local software installed except a web browser, and can be used from any device – PC, tablet, smartphone. Import tools allow users to quickly migrate your data between relational databases and cloud CRMs or import data from CSV files. Export tools export data from relational databases and cloud CRMs to CSV files. Replication tools create a copy of cloud CRM data in a relational database and keep it in current state. Synchronization tools allow configuring bidirectional data synchronization between relational databases and/or cloud CRMs. Any of the supported ETL operations can be run manually or scheduled for automatic execution. Skyvia offers very flexible schedule settings which allow you to specify any kind of schedule. The updated version of Skyvia supports the following data sources: Cloud CRMs - Salesforce - Dynamics CRM Relational databases - SQL Server (and SQL Azure) - MySQL - PostgreSQL CSV files on such cloud storages as Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive, FTP, SFTP, or manually uploaded. Skyvia gives an opportunity to integrate the data that has a different structure with powerful mapping. It supports data splitting, expressions, powerful data filtering, and preserves relations between source data in target even when importing or synchronizing data with different structure.


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