Reach new and undiscovered audiences with every link you share

Thursday, March 9, 2017

ShoutAbout is a social media tool to allow you to reach new and undiscovered audiences with every link you share. Building a successful brand on social media requires a balance between promoting your brand and promoting other content that is of interest and engages your audience. As a minimum, the 80/20 rule should be adopted which means that for each piece of content shared which promotes your brand, an additional 4 pieces of content from outwith your brand that interests and engages your audience should also be shared. Shoutabout allows you to continue sharing content from your favourite websites whilst providing a mechanism for you to promote your brand in what we like to call a "Shout". With the power of sharing and retweeting on social networks your Shout can quickly move beyond your established audience and onto new and undiscovered ones.

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