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Saturday, September 19, 2015 is the back-end software for the quickest start of any FinTech product. We have been working in FinTech for over a decade now. At various stages in the past we’ve launched a number of IT products. We have gained strong expertise in the spheres like electronic money, e-payment services, payment aggregators, financial middleware. Our team was focused on Product issues: use cases, UI/UX design, IT-infrastructure, coding. Our core technical skills are JavaEE, EJB, JSF and PostgreSQL. Every time we started a new business, the problem of a quick start of the product emerged. You can spend up to 1 year building your first prototype. One day we found out that in every new FinTech product we solve the same problems and spend lots of time on it. That was a day when we came up with the idea to help FinTech entrepreneurs around the globe build their products in the fastest way. We applied all our experience and the best ideas in this product. In 2014 we launched the first version of – a “helper” software product for FinTech entrepreneurs. It has proven to save entrepreneurs tons of time and money.


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