Automatic basketball game film breakdown

Sunday, December 20, 2015

ScoreBreak is a service for competitive sports organizations. ScoreBreak produces official scoresheets, stats, and game reports for an athletic team's games by providing athletic-contest scoring capabilities. When a game is scored using ScoreBreak, game film from the match can be “broken-down” automatically. The indexed video footage efficiently provides insights into individual performances, team effectiveness, and opponent tendencies. The primary requirement for automatic game film breakdown is that the game be scored using ScoreBreak. In the event that a sports team needs a game film of an upcoming opponent broken down, in which the team was not present to score the game using ScoreBreak, the team may request a member of ScoreBreak's staff manually review and code the actions of the film. This physical service is the equivalent of an Uber or Lyft ride for sports teams: the team may request the film be broken down, and ScoreBreak will dispatch a contractor or employee to perform the physical service. Teams receive this functionality in ScoreBreak's Premium membership offering. For $1,099.99 three outsourced film breakdowns in combination with unlimited uploads. Further, a team is then eligible to acquire additional outsourced breakdowns on demand.

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