SaaS Connector

Billing and Subscriptions for SaaS applications


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

SaaS Connector helps you bridge your web application with the Magento eCommerce platform to sell physical or digital products and subscriptions. You can write your core application in any programming language as you like and have the Magento eCommerce platform run your back office for sales and order management, customer management, payment gateway integrations etc. It works by bridging your application's user authentication system with Magento's user authentication system. When your users authenticate in your application, they are also authenticated automatically in your local Magento installation. If they are new users, then a new Magento customer account is created. This means that when you sent your user to your product or subscription page that is set up under your Magento installation, they can interface with all of Magento's poweful functionality and place their order. When a purchase is made, a webhook API call is triggered to your application to let it know what the user has purchased.


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