Project management and team collaboration tool with AI


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Riter is a project management tool designed for Agile teams. It provides smart sprint and task planning, time estimation and tracking based on trainable artificial intelligence algorithms, extensive third party integration with a system of bots and full GraphQL API. Riter allows to manage not only separate projects, but the entire company, customers and teams, monitor statistics, communicate, share files, add todos, task states, notes, work with groups of projects simultaneously, plan, estimate and track the workflow and teamwork. Riter is in beta but we are growing up rapidly. It already includes a complete documentation and all basic functionality for stable work. At the moment Riter is learning to increase sprint planning and time estimation accuracy analyzing current team load, developers' coefficients of precision and productivity. With these features we could always find out about real deadlines and possible risks in time to prevent them.


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