Rinse, Dribbble for Photographer.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

From the winter of 2013, Rinse team has notice the reality in the environment of photography, which is not an optimistic one. Firstly, in the photography field, there are tons of blogs, platforms or communities; nevertheless, the character of photographer is hard to be focused comparing to a solo image. Secondly, although photographers tend to have their own portfolio website, it’s hard for people to discover them since there in no community connection. Lastly, since there is no such a community can solve the above issues, the hard for photographers to gain higher visibility and more opportunities. That’s why we created Rinse. We are here to improve and help. Rinse is a place more than a platform to showcase and discover photos — we listen to the wants from people in the photography industry and meet their needs. Founded by Kenzou Yeh, Rinse is an “invitation-only” community for talented and creative photographers to share and showcase their great work. To ensure the quality, only those qualified works reviewed by Rinse team could be shown. Rinse would like to be “Dribbble” for photographers, which is a well-known website for designers to share their work. We are here to exhibit photographic stories by bringing together diverse bodies of work and emerging photographers from all over the world. To fulfill the concept of community, in addition to the Profile page and unlimited story quota, Rinse assists our community members to manage their works by developing a neat UI as well as providing them to watch and like their favorite photographers and stories so they can always update the information they’re interested in. What’s more, to response to photographers and other photo lovers, we manage convenient methods for them in order to bring them more opportunities and inspirations. "More Opportunities; Best Experience" is our motto. What we care the most are, for the photographers, enabling the best photographic stories to be told and presented under the spotlight; for the audience, enjoying and admiring what they exactly want with high efficiency and comfort. Joining the Rinse community means to invest in not only promotions of works and the interaction with professional photographers, but also in the creativeness of photography culture and future opportunities.

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