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Sunday, June 7, 2015

RideAir wants to give cyclists a handy solution for one of the most common problems they encounter, tire deflation. RideAir wants to bring its effortless, refillable, and portable air capsule into production. Whether people are using their bicycles as their main means of transportation or riding just for fun, a low or flat tire can be a real pain. There are two common cases that cause cyclists to encounter tire deflation: the natural loss of air pressure due to unused bicycles, and a slow leakage usually caused by a small puncture one can get while riding. RideAir offers cyclists the tools needed to maintain the proper air pressure in their tires. It also provides the quick inflation of air for the inevitable flat; eliminating the need for an inconvenient hike to the nearest air compressor (usually found at a gas station or bike shop) or time-consuming and strenuous pumping. RideAir is a seamlessly designed, refillable capsule of compressed air that can inflate a flat bike tire completely in seconds – with just the push of a button. The portable capsule can also be used to inflate wheelchair tires, strollers, sports equipment, and inflatable toys. It comes equipped with, a gauge for the capsule pressure indication, a combination lock to keep the RideAir where it belongs, and an inflation tube compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves. RideAir’s quality materials can hold the highest pressure generated by most air compressors. Users can refill their RideAir capsules, at their convenience, with air from most local compressors, the average compressor provides at least 10 BAR/ 150 PSI. The higher pressure provided by the compressor, the more air the RideAir will hold and the more tires it will be able to fully inflate.


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