reignite is a mix of and Tinder, just for finding gaming friends & teammates. 😉

Monday, November 29, 2021

reignite makes sure you never have to play with randoms again.

Suitable teammates for your favorite multiplayer game are just a few clicks away!

  • Unique Matching based on Personality, Skilllevel and Timescore
  • Easy Connection and Communication via reignite
  • All your gaming and other social profiles are linked in your reignite profile
  • Our Vision: a social platform for all gamers: connect, share, gaming news, play custom tournaments and a growing avatar

The popularity of Multiplayer Games keeps growing, but connecting with suitable players is still quite difficult. You have to check forums, facebook groups, use whatsapp chats, etc. This is an exhausting and time consuming process. We make this process easier and faster!

Felix here, one of reignite co-founders. 😊 We are thrilled that we can finally can announce our Beta-Release for our Teammate-Finder in the end of November 2021.

When we first started working on reignite back in 2020, we wanted to build a simple app where you can connect with other players nearby, for playing together on console or LAN's.However, then the pandemic broke out and due to Lockdown our idea was not much worth anymore. 😥

So we went back to the drawing board! 😅 We all knew playing with random teammates can be really annoying and frustrating. At the same time, finding new and suitable teammates is quite difficult. In this context we wanted to know: Are we the only people with this problem out there?

It turned out we are definitely not! After a bigger survey in spring 2021 with over 700 people, we had a lot of information and one thing confirmed: more than 60% of all people are frustrated and 56% don't have fun while playing with randoms. No wonder that two thirds said instantly: We are open for new technologies to solve this issue!

reignite claims to do exactly this: Find suitable people for your favorite games. 😊

🎯 What's the reignite Score?

It is a score based on the following data:
  1. 🌱 Main Profile - This is information about your personality and non-gaming behavior.
  2. ⌚ Time - Indicates what times you are generally available and how many hours per week you actually play.
  3. 🎮 Game Profile - This is game specific information such as rank, role, game mode, etc. (varies individually for each game)
✨ What can you do with reignite? 
  • Use the unique matching to find suitable teammates
  • Filter your results in multiple ways
  • Share your reignite profile with other gamers, with one click
  • Use the app on web as Beta

We tested your first iteration of the algorithm in a closed Alpha Test in summer 2021 and got a lot of positive and also constructive feedback, what we can do better. To improve our algorithm and grow our user base, we decided: now it is the time to go without with our Beta!

If the Beta Release is thriving as well, we want to release a number of new features in the upcoming months (2022). Like a rating system for your matches, a mobile app and a news dashboard. With a great community on our side, we are looking for a big future. 😊

If you got any questions, please don't hesitate to comment or contact me! 

Thank you all for your support on behalf of the entire reignite-team. ❤️‍🔥


Co-founder at reignite

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