RAFA Finance

AI Powered Investment Copilot

Thursday, July 7, 2022

RAFA is your new AI-powered investment copilot. It simplifies investing by giving you on-the-go access to bite-sized market analysis and providing powerful set of tools to screen for best stocks and build portfolios. With innovative visualizations, RAFA greatly improves the decision making process. This super sleek app is packed with useful features such as

  1. Automated portfolio insights
  2. Earnings Calendar
  3. AI based stock screener
  4. AI based key levels and trend analysis
  5. Curated Portfolio Ideas from Funds
  6. A keywords based ETF Explorer.
  7. AI based stock price forecast.
  8. Data from 350 cryptocurrencies
  9. Complete access to SEC Fillings.
  10. Price and algorithmic alerts.
  11. ETF Explorer with detailed ETF Composition.
  12. Analyst forecasts.

  13. Whether you are an experienced investor or just beginning your journey, RAFA is your perfect companion that can be paired up with any brokerage app of choice.

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