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Thursday, December 4, 2014

QueryTree is the fast and effective way to extract the information you need from your company’s databases, using a simple drag and drop interface. QueryTree allows you to visually build any database query you can think of, putting the information you need at your fingertips and making reliance on technical assistance from developers a thing of the past. The elegant simplicity of QueryTree’s interface means you can stop wasting valuable time learning SQL, freeing you up to focus on what your data is telling you. QueryTree’s visual environment gives you an unprecedented amount of power and flexibility to query your data, using simple drag and drop tools. You can apply a series of changes to any data set, by representing every step in the process as an icon (tool), each of which performs a specific function. We have a tool for every occasion. And they all work together in perfect harmony, each with their own options or settings, to give you complete control over the results that your query returns. You can save and share the queries that you've built, or take the data you need and export that table, quickly and easily, into a CSV file, which will load into any spreadsheet application. QueryTree is currently compatible with MySQL and SQLServer databases, but we’ll also be adding support for further database platforms.


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