Improve code quality thanks to best coding practices definition and sharing

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Promyze offers a new way for software developers to identify, define and share best coding practices. The solution targets code quality improvement and bugs reduction through knowledge dissemination and an efficient understanding of the coding best practices. Promyze provides plugins for IDE & Web browsers to help developers catch in their source code examples and counter-examples of a best practice. Then, the team decides whether to retain or discard a suggested best practice. Promyze can be applied for a team and multiple teams in an IT organization. It leverages a continuous improvement strategy involving all the developers. It's a relevant support for communities of practices responsible for shared best practices. The platform fosters interactions and discussions between developers on the topic of coding best practices. Finally, Promyze's IDE plugins offer automatic suggestions of best practices while coding, based on the examples nurtured by developers.

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