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Saturday, December 13, 2014

PriceTree PriceTree is a price comparison website to compare retail products price across thousands of online stores in India. PriceTree fetches data from 2000 online stores every day to aggregate and currently covered 82 retail segments including mobiles, tablets, home appliance, kitchen items and expecting to have 5 million product uploaded by this year only. PriceTree innovation on local stores increased our capability to make a better comparison shopping online & offline. Finding a local store capability allow users to find nearest shop/store offline by detecting user geo location and the product they are looking for. We have also launched coupon section to make it more money saving platform for our users so that they can apply discount coupons along with price comparison to save maximum. Expert Reviews is PriceTree unique feature, which allow users to read expert’s reviews from 5000 domain experts websites (engadget, 91mobiles etc.) on the product page to make it easy for users to see what experts are saying about that products. For our 31% Mobile users, we’ve already launched PriceTree mobile site and android App for better experience on smart phone and take maximum advantage of PriceTree. We will also be launching iOS App for Apple and Windows app for Windows phone lover. PriceTree for Retailers: PrieTree offers competitive pricing analysis, assortment analysis and promotion analysis report to allow retailers to monitor their competitors' prices to optimize pricing strategies and increase revenue. Few things retailers can do with PriceTree competitive intelligence tool • Price difference report, Find out whether you are the lowest price. • Find the right price opportunities to increase margins. • Out of stock/Not available at key competitors, all competitors’ reports. • Price trends reports allow retailers to find “last price change at competitors last day, 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days etc. • Create custom reports & set email alerts And lots more custom reports to win in the competition and make better business decision on time.


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