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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

We use Semantic AI to augment the contextual information on the website to improve the site's findability. We do this by creating a site-specific knowledge graph and using that information to build out features such as Semantic/ Schema markups, add vocabulary pages, internal link building, on-page content augmentation or annotation. With an increased reliance on the #context of the page rather than the keywords by search engines such as Google, the traditional methods of SEO aren't yielding the right results. Google ranks and increases page authority of the sites containing the above markups. These features enable the websites with the following benefits: a. Rich snippets b. Google Knowledge Graph & Rich cards presence c. Increased Link Juice d. Voice search capability e. Semantic Indexed Content & Vocabulary and many others In our alpha trials, we have seen websites increase their traffic by over 20%, session duration by 15%, increased clickthrough rates, increased Alexa rank over baseline. These were observed over a period of 3 weeks from installation. Our product is unique that it requires a simple installation of the plugin on the WordPress site and the operations are completed in seconds.

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