PlanArty time tracking solution

Monday, June 1, 2020

Time tracking solution specially designed for all people with a growth mindset, self-employed professionals, and small businesses. To cope stress-free with your very busy schedule and at the same time to be able to maintain a good balance between your professional and personal life. In short, what does PlanArty do for you? It gives you the tools, features, and assessments so much needed for efficient time management. - Track all your time, the billable hours as well as non-billable ones. Every second count, and in PlanArty all of them are registered in a continuous timeline, without gaps. - Use the To-Do List to make both long-term and short-term planning. This way you will never forget a thing, will always know what to do next, and easily meet your deadlines. - Write down all your bold ideas in the Someday Tasks List, so that you free your mind and focus well on what you are working on at the moment, but at the same time to keep all the possibilities for future development. - Keep yourself on track. Use the Planned VS Real feature to see how you follow your plans and make any necessary adjustments promptly. - Get the projects you want to work on by presenting to your prospects the Estimates accompanied by Detailed Breakdown. - When you get to work on the project easily transform the Estimate in Project Scheduling without repeating previous operations. - Quickly and easily prepare the Detailed Time Sheet for Billing. Without wasting time looking for data or doing calculations. You have everything at hand, just a click away. - Group or sort the data as you need and generate the reports you need in no time. Export in excel to process them however you want. Also, the program offers possibilities to customize the way data is displayed and visualized, which ensures an extraordinary user experience. The perfect time tracking solution for you to work smarter and be more productive than ever!

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