Collaborative Last-mile Delivery Platform


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Get last-mile delivery seamlessly integrated with your business. Design your processes, standards, rules and spread them among delivery teams. Keep every detail under your full control. Business Process Constructor Decide how your order flow should look like, what goes first and what next, should orders be confirmed before delivery, how many recalls should operators attempt and what should be said to the customer. Delivery Network We've gathered most efficient logistics partners in each country of our presence. All those partners are already integrated and are ready to act according to your standards, rules and processes. Just as an essential part of your team. Advanced Analytics Get clear answers for your "what", "where" and "why" questions. Keep control of each team's KPIs, inventory stock levels, amount of cash collected, order cancellation reasons and etc. SOLUTIONS: Retailers Whether you are a local or global retailer — delivery is an essential part of your service. Great customer experience ensures high retention level and loyalty. That's why it's highly important to control every detail during deliveries. Verticals Use the Pingdelivery network to build your own vertical. You will be able to concentrate on core business activities while using our delivery network deeply integrated with your service. Logistics Cover your last-mile delivery teams, call-centers and fulfillment teams with automation and connection to our global delivery network. Get offers from our clients or utilize network resources to share your tasks in case of lack of own capacity. Services Whenever you need to provide your customers with great delivery experience use Pingdelivery services to automate not just delivery but all internal steps of order processing. That's how you'll be able to render quality service to your clients and improve their brand experience.


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