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Monday, April 1, 2019

When we travel abroad, many of us are faced with the problem of buying the right drugs from local pharmacies. The language barrier can prove to be difficult in explaining the type of medication that you need. The regional differences can also make it hard to recognize the equivalent medicine since the branding may be different. PillInTrip (https://Pillintrip.com) allows you to find out the name of exactly the same or similar in composition and form of release of the drug in the country where you are traveling. You just need to choose where you are from, what you are looking for and where. Accordingly, choose and enter to spell the name of the drug. This website provides a solution for this problem; as it allows you to find the exact match of the drug that you need. It will be exactly the same as your medicine at home in terms of composition. However, if the country does not have an exact match, you will be able to select a drug that shares similarities. The only details required are your home country, the type of drug you require, and the country that you are currently in. All you have to do is enter the name of the drug, and you will be presented with results. Once you have found your drug, you will go to a page that will contain instructions for use. These will include the dosage, side effect and any other details that may be important. The website provides more than 180 000 medicines in 127 countries. And it is absolutely free and demand no registration.

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