Vine meets Yelp with 60-second verified reviews


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Picky™ developed a free video sharing app that solved the fake text review problem and other issues in the text review industry. The Picky app allows people to record their opinion of a product or place for up to 60 seconds and share it with their followers on Picky and other popular social networking sites. However, if there is no visual proof of the product or place in the review, it’s flagged for removal by the Picky community. This is the first time an app has been created to not only be an informative, entertaining and a fun alternative to text reviews, but also a social platform of verified consumers and reviews. The Picky app helps any consumer to discover verified reviews, shared by other proven consumers, on products and places while making it incredibly fun. Users can follow other people to have their reviews displayed in a home feed and even subscribe to notifications to ensure they never miss their opinion. You can also talk directly with any reviewer, if you have something to say or have a question, by leaving a comment. All reviews on Picky are ranked by an algorithm and it is powered by the community so the best and most helpful reviews are listed first when searching by hashtag. Therefore, the days of endlessly sifting through countless blogs and websites for text reviews and trying to determine if the review is real or fake are over.


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